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Helping Women Realise Their Own Intrinsic Beauty

“I want to inspire the kind of beauty in women that goes far beyond a pretty face. Rather, a beauty that is deeply rooted in a pure heart, which translates beauty to all the ways in which they live and love. Through character, virtue and authenticity. This is the kind of beauty that inspires, fulfils and is worthwhile.”

– Marianne Fidel


My Story

My work stems from my heartfelt passion for holistic beauty and helping women feel confident in their own skin. I am fortunate enough to live this passion through make-up and hair artistry. Having trained at the Napoleon Perdis Make-up Academy and hair through Ulyana Aster, Natalie-Anne and Cara Clyne Bridal, I am now lucky enough to be part of a bride’s preparation in getting her ready for their most special day as well as other significant events of all kinds.

To me, it’s not about putting on makeup to change your features but to help enhance the natural beauty you already possess. The beauty of each woman is sourced from within and it’s my job to express that outwardly. It’s about a healthy relationship and balanced use of makeup to bring out the best.

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Bridal Team

Meet the Team

angelica (1)

Angelica Fortunato

“I love doing hair & makeup because of that moment when someone really looks at themself and radiates joy, happiness and confidence. That happiness is such an infectious feeling and the fact that I was part of the process of someone really loving themselves and feeling special, is such a gift. True beauty is not hiding the parts that make you you, but highlighting those unique features and accepting the things that make people uniquely themselves.”

analiza (1)

Analiza Gracias Flor

“I love doing makeup because I love seeing women happy and radiating confidence.
Every woman is unique, and the makeup looks we create enhance each person’s individual features. I enjoy the process and helping my clients see their true beauty! It’s thrilling to be part of their special day and invited to participate in such integral moments of their lives.”

jeanette (1)

Jeanette Ortiz

“I love working in beauty because it allows me to express my creativity & really find what makes each woman comfortable within themselves and giving them poise to radiate that beauty! Authentic beauty is accepting the individual gifts we’ve been given and owning it!”

tammy (1)

Tammy Loh

“True/Authentic beauty is about embracing natural qualities and individual differences. I believe that it is also what’s on the inside, that makes one truly beautiful. I love working in beauty because it is so rewarding to see someone feel beautiful, comfortable and confident in their own skin.”


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