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How does the booking process work?

1. Are your values aligned with ours?
My work stems from my heartfelt passion for holistic beauty and helping women feel confident in their own skin. All my clients share my same passion and values of holistic beauty and enhancing the natural beauty. If you think we are a suitable fit, let’s go to Step 2.

2. Complete enquiry form
It’s important that I get an overall view of your requirements.

3. Quote
After our introductory phone call, if I believe we are a suitable fit then I’lI prepare a bridal quote for you based on the information you’ve provided.

4. Secure booking
If you’re happy with the quoted price and would like to go ahead with a booking, simply let me know and I will prepare an invoice requiring a 30% deposit to secure your booking date.

5. Bridal trial (for bridal bookings only)
There are as many looks as there are brides. The trial is an opportunity for us to work together on creating a look that‘s “just right” for you and leaves you comfortable in your own skin.

6. Fine-tune Details
We work together on your timetable and detailed planning for your big day.

7. Final Balance
The final balance (70%) will be due 1 week prior to your booking date.

What components are added in the quote?
  1. Price per person x number of people
  2. Travel fee (+ parking if applicable)
  3. Cost of additional stylist(s) or assistant(s)
  4. Early start fee (for bookings earlier than 7 AM)
  5. Reception touch-ups/2nd hair-style (optional)
  6. Accomodation (for bookings outside of Sydney if required)
How long do I have to make changes to my bridal booking?

Subtractions to the original quote can be made up to two weeks prior to the wedding day. However the subtraction cannot fall below 90% of the original booking value after the 30% deposit has been paid. Additions to the original booking can be made up to one week out from the wedding date.

What happens if you have multiple bookings on the same day?

We have a well-rounded team and can manage 2 or more bookings per day (subject to availability and the requirements of each job). The weddings could be back to back (if timing permits) or the team will split up to the various engagements.

What will happen if Marianne/the team are no longer able to service my event?

In the unlikely event that Marianne Fidel is unable to attend your booking due to unforeseen circumstances, all attempts will be made to arrange a replacement makeup artist/hair stylist on behalf of the client. They will be fully briefed on the look desired and all required products made available. If this is not possible or if you are not happy with the arrangement, 100% of your deposit for future bookings will be refunded. This refund excludes any balances for services which have been  rendered.

What will happen if my event is cancelled or the event date is changed?

In the event that the client cancels the contracted services or changes the date where Marianne Fidel is not available due to prior commitments before the change occurred, the deposit will be forfeited.

Bridal Trials

Is the bridal trial compulsory?

Yes, the bridal trial is compulsory for all bridal bookings and should ideally be held at least 1 month from your wedding date.

How long does the trial go for?

Makeup Only: Allow 1.5 hours
Hair Only: Allow 1.5 hours
Hair and Makeup: Allow 2.5 hours

If more time is needed, the trial may be extended for up to 30 mins free of charge (if time permits), additional charges will apply thereafter. Alternatively, a second trial may be booked to try another look.

What does the bridal trial include?

One look each for hair and makeup. More looks may be added at an additional cost. Additional charges may apply for application of hair extensions.


How much time is needed for each person?
  • 1 hour per person for hair/makeup only
  • 2 hours per person for both hair and makeup
  • 1.5 hours for the bride hair/makeup only
  • 2.5 hours for the bride for both hair and makeup
Can you help me with planning my timetable?

Yes, of course! I send out a draft timetable with each quote that I send out. It’s for illustrative purposes to see how the morning will work with our team. This is something we can fine-tune at a later stage depending on your requirements for the day.

For weddings, the final timetable is confirmed approximately one month prior to your wedding date after timing with your photographer and videographer has been confirmed.

Travel Fees

When would travel fees be applicable?

Travel fees will be applicable for all bookings outside of our Mascot studio. Prices will be provided within your bridal quote. A flat rate in Sydney will apply and additional for locations outside of Sydney.

In the instance that free parking is not available, parking must be either arranged by the client or the cost of parking will be added to the booking fee.

Do you need accommodation?

Accommodation will only be required for bookings outside of Sydney where the start time is earlier than 7 AM and/or travel time exceeds 2 hours.


How do you accept payments?

Bank transfer. Bank details are provided at the bottom of each invoice.

What is the payment schedule for each booking?

A 30% deposit is required to secure a booking. The 70% balance is due 1 week prior to your wedding date. You can either pay this in lump sum prior to the wedding date or instalments over a period of time.