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Marianne Fidel

3 Things Engaged Couples can do to Cope through the Covid-19 Pandemic

There is absolutely no doubt that Covid-19 has posed us all with unprecedented challenges in ways we never thought possible. When it comes to weddings, this is a whole different ball game and despite the initial shock of the restrictions on large gatherings and weddings passing by now, I know that behind closed doors many engaged couples and business owners are still hurting.

From my correspondence with some of my future bridal clients and also some of my fellow vendors in the wedding industry, I felt inspired to share this message of support for anyone who may be needing it. This is to remind us that we’re all in this together and I also share 3 tips on what engaged couples can try in order to help cope during this challenging time. 

I approach this topic with the utmost empathy and love. I’ve created this video hopefully to provide encouragement, support and solidarity so that you know you’re not facing this alone. As a wedding vendor, I hear you and feel it with you and stand by you. I know there’s nothing anyone can say that can fix the situation because I’ve been told as one of the most challenging things is that none of us are in control of the situation. 

1. Let Yourselves Grieve

No, you are not selfish for feeling upset because there is absolutely no doubt that your wedding day is one of the biggest events in your life. One bride emailed me last week sharing that every time she cancels something she sheds some tears. That’s ok because it’s when we grieve that we can accept what’s happening and when you’re ready, you’ll have more strength to adapt and find another solution.

Will it help you to write down/journal the things that have upset you the most, the things that have caused you the most anxiety & what would help the most from each other, your loved ones that will help you cope right now? I had a bride share some insights on these with me last week and at the end of her email she said that it helped her and her fiance to be able to express these in writing. It was like an outlet to be able to articulate what they’ve been struggling with. 

2. Celebrate your Original Date

One thing that’s so important during this time is to try and get through this period with the least amount of negativity as possible and your wedding day is one that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. There’s no doubt you’ve been thrown so many lemons right now, but how can we make lemonade so that you’ll still have fond memories associated to your wedding? We want to create more positive memories and experiences than there are hurtful ones. Are you able to have a nice lunch/dinner together while in home isolation? Maybe write each other a nice note?

3. Don’t Lose Hope in the Big Picture

This circumstance has really tested relationships between the couples themselves, families and friendships. No doubt it’s a challenge for everybody but if you can, try and foster an attitude of gratitude. 

“Gold is purified through fire”. I know it’s hard but if at all possible, I think you guys could be part of the lucky ones who really have this opportunity to grow and learn through this together even before marriage! 

To my fellow Wedding Vendors:

If you’re a wedding vendor reading this, one bride has mentioned to me that being in close communication with their vendors (despite a deferred wedding) would be really helpful because they also want to know that the vendors are coping ok. We’re all hand in hand through this and it’s beautiful to see such selfless couples being so empathetic towards the vendors too. So stay in touch with them and support them through this. 

You are definitely not alone. We all stand in this together.

One thing I’m certainly grateful for is how much this pandemic has brought families, communities and the whole world together. 

If you prefer to watch this message instead, I’ve also shared it in video form: