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Marianne Fidel

The Top 2 Steps that Should be in Every Morning Skincare Routine

Do you feel stuck when it comes to your skincare routine? I get it! There are so many steps and products to choose from that it’s so easy to feel lost. I’m a firm believer that knowledge is power so I’m here to break down the barriers and take the “overwhelm” out of skincare. Let’s start with your morning routine shall we!?

Often, when we are younger we think we can get away with not taking care of our skin and worry about it when we get older. However, like most things, prevention is better than a cure. The key to slowing the ageing process is hydration. Think of a dried fruit, or plant, why has it gone wrinkly? Most likely, it has lost the moisture it had in its prime. This is the same with our skin. The more hydrated our skin is, the more we can draw out the ageing process of our skin. As such, our skincare routine should be focused on doing whatever we can to make way and lock in as much moisture in our skin as possible. 

While some people recommend a long list of morning skincare rituals, although that may be helpful, it may not be a sustainable long-term solution for those of us who rush off to work, events or could have minimal time for getting ready if there are children in the mix of our morning routines. That being said, I like to keep it simple. It’s a great place to start! 

My top two recommendations for a morning routine include:

1. Cleanse

Our skin repairs and regenerates itself at night, therefore raising any impurities to the surface layer of the skin. Cleansing in the morning removes these impurities and bacteria allowing the skin to breathe, start fresh for the day and make room to better absorb your moisturising products. 

Whether you use a cream or a foaming cleanser will depend on your skin-type. That is, where you sit on the spectrum of having dry, normal or oily skin. Check out Page 5 of my Skincare Guide for more information on how to pick which one is best suited to your skin-type.

2. Moisturise

After cleansing, the next thing we want to do is to lock in moisture to hydrate the skin throughout the day. It would be ideal to use a moisturiser with SPF during the day if possible. One that is SPF 30 can block up to 97% of the sun’s UVB rays. 

My favourite moisturiser (which I’ve been using for years) is the Nutrimetics Ultra Care+ Smart Shield Protection Creme SPF 50. Often when it comes to moisturisers with SPF, I find that some can be a bit oily or thick. I love that this one is lightweight and not oily on my skin. Nutrimetics products are also designed specifically for the Australian/NZ market so the SPF 50 gives us extra sun protection which is a rare find from other international skincare ranges.

For instructions on “how to” perform both of these steps, skip to 1:33 in my video below.

If you’d like more recommendations on skincare products and routines for the evening/on a weekly basis, you’re welcome to DOWNLOAD a copy of my FREE Skincare Guide: “A Simple Guide to Nailing your Skincare Routine”. 

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Hope you’ve found this useful!

Marianne xx